Welcome to the Caron Lab!

2023 CBP Department Retreat at NC Museaum of Art in Raleigh, NC (not pictured Audrey Garneau, Kerstin Baran, and Anna Beeson)

Studies in the Caron Lab are focusedĀ on elucidating unique G protein-coupled receptor pathways that are important for the development and function of the cardiovascular system. Using a variety of gene-targeted animal models in conjunction with state-of-the-artĀ in vitro cell biological systems, we have discovered fundamental roles for several secretin- and chemokine-family receptors in cardiovascular development and disease. Much of our recent work has focused on the pivotal roles that RAMPs (receptor activity-modifying proteins) play in controlling receptor function, cellular signaling, and physiology. The importance of the RAMP-receptor interaction is best exemplified by our work centered on the small blood protein, adrenomedullin – a potent lymphangiogenic vasodilator that serves as a strong prognostic indicator for many disease conditions.

NOW HIRING!! We are looking for a Postdoctoral Scholar to study mechanisms of G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) interactions with receptor activity modifying proteins (RAMPs). APPLY HERE!!!!